Do you want to lose weight? Gain strength? Or improve your overall health? Attack your goals head-on at RTC. We offer both group and personal training programs so you can work at your own pace.

Group Training

If you are someone who enjoys training in a group setting, while still experiencing personalized coaching, our group class option is the path for you.

Our 60 minute coach-led classes combine WEIGHTLIFTING, CARDIO, and BODYWEIGHT movements in varying HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS.

You get your own equipment, own station, and the guidance to attack YOUR goals. Our coaches specialize in tailoring each day to meet you at YOUR comfort level.

We offer a well rounded approach to health and wellness designed to ready your body for the physical challenges of everyday tasks so that you can enjoy life and do the things you love. Combine that with the support of a friendly group and it’s a formula for SUCCESS unlike any other.


Working 1-on-1 with a coach is the quickest way to the results you want. When you sign up for Personal Training with us, you’re signing up for a unique program specifically designed for your goals. Our Coaches will track your progress over the course of your sessions and every aspect of this training experience is completely customized and personalized to you.

We recommend you take advantage of at least one Personal Training session per month along with your Group Classes to ensure maximum results.

In-house and remote individual design programs available. Contact us today for more info!

Body Composition

by Inbody

Go beyond the scale with our InBody 270 body composition scanner. See your weight, body fat percentage, and how much muscle you have!

Physical Therapy

Restore, repair, and recover with our in-house body recovery services. Cash based services include movement screens/assessments, 30 & 60 minute treatment sessions, cupping, dry needling, active release, and more. Contact us for an appointment.

MVMNT Classes

Learn to fix yourself though measurably expanding your movement patterns and breath-work capacity.  

Classes are broken into three main portions: stations of individualized movement pattern progressions, full group mobility flows, and breath-work; all designed to change soft tissue and ranges of weight-bearing motion.  

MVMNT is the perfect complement to any training program because it increases strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance — all things you’ll need to get the most out of your workouts! 

24/7 Memberships

Does your current schedule prevent you from attending group fitness classes during peak hours? Do you need a gym membership that provides you with access to traditional & functional fitness equipment when it’s convenient for you?

Whether you need to train outside of normal business hours or just want the ability to do your own programming, the flexibility of our dedicated 24/7 space means that you can train when it works best for you!

*COVID-19 mandates require registration via Wodify


Kids workouts are, first and foremost, FUN! The goal of the program is to establish a lifelong love for fitness at the earliest age possible. To find out if we are the right fit for your child’s activity needs, contact us to learn more about our approach to youth group exercise.

_Over 1000 Downloads & Counting

Get Your free guide: The Beginner’s Guide to HIIT

Arguably the best fat-burning exercise guide on the internet! Learn the basics to spike your metabolism and help you burn fat fast!

Over 1000 Downloads & Counting

Get Your free guide: The Beginner’s Guide to HIIT

Arguably the best fat-burning exercise guide on the internet! Learn the basics to spike your metabolism and help you burn fat fast!

What Our Members Say…

Dan W

All around amazing facility. Exceptional coaching and programming for any and all levels. Top notch equipment, flexible schedules, welcoming community and the list goes on. Not to mention their proactive response in the midst of COVID, nothing compares!

Sarah F

This is AMAZING. I feel so incredibly supported. I have been so encouraged by the amount of older women taking charge of their health and doing things that culture would say we can’t. I hope I set that kind of example for my girls too!! You and your team are rockstars.

Anna L

I can’t even put into words how confident I felt in my body. I don’t think I have eery literally not cared about if I have a roll or if the angle makes me look thick. All thanks to you guys!!

Megan G

I was just in the grocery store standing in line and you know the gym is paying off when a total stranger compliments you and asks where you workout at….made me feel so good! Thank you!

Debbie Z

The coaches are so awesome- very personable and knowledgeable. The gym is absolutely beautiful. The programming is on point. Members are welcoming- I would recommend this gym to anyone!!

Kris F

This facility is Amazing.. offering a bright large clean space with great equipment. Allie and her staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone you meet is very welcoming and encouraging.